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Speed Dating Conversation Starters
Speed dating can be a really great way to meet 5 to 20 people in one night, even in an hour. You can blaze through randoms quickly, while figuring out if you share the spark with any of them.  It's easy, harmless and can ultimately end with a date or two.

But what do you talk about when your conversation is limited to a just a few minutes? How do you figure out if you truly have anything in common?

Of course you want to ask the bas

Dating Tips
They say first impressions last alifetime – they are right! This applies more so to your dating experience. Ifyou want to create a positive impression everytime, you go on a date, read on.

Speed Dating Do's and Dont's
(DO) Attend an event that offers 3-5 minutes dates. Speed Dating events are offered anywhere from 3-12 minutes. While three minutes may seem like a really short amount of time when you're "dating" someone whose company you really enjoy, trust me when I say that 8+ minutes can seem like an eternity when having to talk 1-on-1 to someone who is super annoying. And you get a mix of both at most events. It really is a numbers game, but better to play it safe and not suffer thr

What is Speed Dating
Speed Dating is straightforward, really. You say hello to a series of new people and figure out who you like enough to see again. This, without the awkwardness of striking a conversation with a total stranger or getting stuck in a conversation you wish would end ten seconds after it started.

Speed Dating offers you an efficient, effective, and enjoyable way to meet other singles. Even better, all it would take is one night - one night - for you to go on a series of short dat

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