10 Creative Date Ideas

10 Creative Date Ideas

Traditional places for dating, such as movies theaters, parks, art exhibitions are cool, but sometimes it's better to come up with something more extraordinary. Moreover, in a modern city, there are plenty of opportunities to organize an original date.

1) Work as volunteers

There are a lot of startups and public organizations that need help. Children's homes and animal shelters always gladly use volunteers’ assistance, and for you two, it will be an excellent occasion to get to know each other better. Even if there are no vacancies, you can always find a friend who’s ready to share her or his duties for one day. Ask your neighbors to walk their dogs or become a nanny for your aunt's child in your girlfriend’s company, of course.

2) Prepare dinner

Trying to impress a girl you met on a dating website and barely know with your spaghetti Bolognese is not the best idea for the first date. But cooking something together will bring you closer: the culinary magic will make you chat about your preferences in food or other fascinating facts from your life. By the way, your companion probably won’t agree to come straight to your place or invite you to hers, so the most neutral option is a culinary class, where both of you will feel more comfortable.

3) Attend a lecture

Hold up your skepticism – you can’t even imagine what a wonderful chance to impress the girl you miss. Especially if the lecture is about something that you know. Even if you’re no longer students, it’s not a problem. It will be very romantic if you manage to get into the lecture hall as a couple students and sneak to the back seats.

4) Pretend to be foreign tourists

Even if you both know your city to the last alley, there’s an opportunity to diversify an ordinary stroll along the streets. Just take the camera, dress like a couple of tourists from London or Liverpool, and go exploring the city. Ask the passers-by for directions, stop by the nearest monument to make a few shots, and visit a local museum.

5) Play some tennis

It’s a great chance to awaken each other’s emotions if you know how to play. Even if she holds a racket in her hands for the first time, show her the basics, standing behind and gently pointing her hands into right directions. Brief breaks between the sets will allow for a practical conversation, and you’ll have the opportunity learn all you want to know about her.

6) Make a clay vase

Okay, you can blame us for not having our own ideas, but agree that the famous scene from the Ghost movie is perfect for a romantic date. Even if you don’t live in a big city, there are chances to find specific classes, where you can create not just a vase or a bowl but a real exotic masterpiece and take it home as a reminder of the first date.

7) Spy on others

This option works only if the girl is as crazy about modern technologies as you. The idea of the game is simple: you pick someone who lives your city via social networks and try to find this person (without contacting him or her by phone, naturally) using various clues like his or her check-ins, hobbies, etc. Once you find this person, ask to make a selfie together. If you approach this task seriously and don’t give up, it may become a very exciting event. Bring your erudition, internet access, and Sherlock's hat with you.

8) Find a book in the library

Here’s one more interesting quest from you. It's the same game as the previous one, but more relaxed. You just give each other key tasks like “find the oldest book” or “show me a book you liked when you were a kid,” that kind of thing. Use your imagination. The quest is great because you can learn more about your companion. Books are an integral part of our life, and we usually associate a lot of pleasant memories with them.

9) Add some extreme to a date

Give her an adrenaline shake she’ll never forget. But choose an activity wisely: a parachute jump is too much, and roller skating can hardly be called extreme. Therefore, we offer you to try kiting - skiing or snowboarding with a kite. Kiting side by side with your girlfriend through a snowy field or a frozen lake is an incredible feeling that brings tons of new emotions. But before trying it for the first time, it’s better to attend kiting classes a couple of times; otherwise, you won’t handle the equipment. Picture both of you sitting at a table with hot tea and sharing your impressions with each other after such a crazy adventure.

10) The night of improvisations

This option also doesn’t work for everyone, but rather for those who share the love for arts and can play music instruments. Just bring the guitar/violin/piano/whatever and tell your girlfriend to do the same. Tune the instruments and play what you want. If you have no skills, you can just sing along. This gives you the opportunity to show how creative you are. The same goes for painting: take albums and give each other tasks like “draw your favorite food,” for example. The skill is not important here – all you need is imagination.

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