Asian Dating

Asian Dating

The term "Asian-American"-as opposed to say, African American-has many connotations because Asia has so many diverse ethnic groups.  Where Irish-American refers to anyone from Ireland who takes US citizenship, Asian American could refer to several different nations of origin, including Japan, China, The Phillipines, North or South Korea, and numerous Pacific Island cultures.  Within these diverse cultures, there are different tendencies for dating and courtship, as some are strict about certain behaviors as dating outside the race, while others define clear gender roles pertaining to courtship and male and female position (to say nothing of less conventional relations).  Further, the Asian community differs from place to place in the U.S., where on the west coast they are generally more close-knit due to large populations, and more integrated on the east coast where Asian Americans are sparse (with the exception of Chicago and N.Y.)  This could be seen as the exact opposite of the Jewish community, who are more sparse on the west coast, and more populous on the east, due to their proximity to Europe.  

IM Diversity reports that Japanese men are the most likely to diversify their dating pool, as 52% of Japanese men marry Japanese women, approximately 13% marry non-Japanese Asian women, and 35% marry women of other races (including 33% who marry white women).  In contrast, 82% of Vietnamese-American men marry Vietnamese women, 9% marry Asian women of other races, and 9% marry non-Asians.  These two stand at the opposite end of the range for men.  For women, 67% of Japanese women take Japanese husbands, 17% marry non-Japanese Asians, and 16% marry husbands of other races.  On the opposite end, 89% of Vietnamese-American women take Vietnamese husbands, 8% take non-Vietnamese husbands, and 3% marry other races.

Further research indicates that the six states-California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, and New York-have the highest populations of Asian-Americans, and that these states are less likely to see Asian Americans dating non-Asians.  The likely reason is that where marrying a person of the same race would be presumed to be the majority preference, there are simply less people to choose from and citizens of non-populated states simply adapt.  Also noteworthy, and perhaps obvious, is the fact that Asians born in America, as opposed to those who spent a handful of years across the Pacific, are far more likely to intermarry or date non-Asians. 


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