Dating in New-York: Main Rules and Interesting Places

Dating in New-York: Main Rules and Interesting Places

It would seem that nothing could be easier than making an acquaintance in New York. After all, in a metropolis where millions of people live, it is simply impossible to remain without a company. For this there is everything than you can dream about: people of all cultures, nationalities, views on life; parks, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs - all in a different price range, so that everyone has an equal chance to get acquainted with new and interesting people or even with his second half.


But you must be able to cope with such a variety of places and possible options for the development of thousands of scenarios. This is exactly what we are very good at. Today we will tell you useful and interesting information about what the dating in New York is like. Armed with this knowledge, you will definitely make a long-awaited acquaintance.


Bars of New York


In the representation of a resident of any country on the planet Earth, the bar is the ideal place for making new acquaintances. And it really is: a noisy company, drinks, music, a relaxed atmosphere make you forget about your shyness and come to some stranger, drink together and just talk all night long. In many cities of the world, in bars, you can meet a girl and this acquaintance will last for a lifetime, when you become a husband and wife. However, the bars of New York are absolutely not suitable for this.


Getting acquainted with a girl at one of the New York bars, you can expect maximum on short-term relationships (most likely, it will be free intimate relations for a couple of days). If you want to not just have a great time with some beauty, you need to look elsewhere: at your disposal there are numerous galleries, presentations, seminars. It is there that you can find a serious person in New-York, with serious intentions about its love life.


Do Not Be Surprised At Anything!


New York is an amazing city. Sometimes it simply shocks with its free morals and quantity of represented views on life. Many guests of the city sometimes experience a real cultural shock. So be prepared for the fact that you will be dizzy from the abundance of impressions. And when a girl approaches you to get acquainted, take it for granted. For New York it's perfectly normal. We do not say that its residents turn upside down all the generally accepted norms of behavior in society, but if someone suddenly wants it, he will do just that and no one will blame him for it. So, feel free to use the chance to play a game called "interaction in society" under the new rules!


What to Do if You Do Not Need a Serious Relationship, But You Need a Women's Company


So, where and how to get acquainted with girls for free relationships? It is best to do this in so-called pick-up joints. There are several of them in New York and they are well known. A few years ago, the main pick-up joints in this city were the following: Le Bar Bat, which is at the corner of 58th Street and 8th Avenue, then El Ronda Grande took the palm of the championship, it is situated at the corner of 38th Street and Third Avenue, there was still Life Bait that on 23rd Street between Broadway and Lexington Avenue.


To come there early is simply wasting time. It is best not to arrive until 11, but there is a chance that you can not even get there, especially on Friday night - there's a lot of people there. Entering the bar, stay calm and do not hurry, order yourself a cocktail or a drink you like and calmly look at the crowd with calm eyes - you should not rush to the first girl you find.


Our advice is to look for a lonely girl who came to the bar alone. This is your best chance - she needs a company, communication and everything else - that's why she came here. After that, come up and start talking to her. Our experience shows: the more brazen you do it, the better your chances are.


The Best Romantic Places of New York


And what if you are dating a ukrainian girl, but you and she always dreamed of seeing New York? Or do you want to surprise the native inhabitant of New York and show her such places she did not even hear about? All this is possible. Read below.


Astro-View Sightseeing Towers


After all, these are the same flying saucers, which were hunted by Agent Kay and Agent Jay. Simply the creators of the film decided that the Astro-View observation towers, built in 1964 on the occasion of the World Fair, could not be better suited to the image of UFO take-off areas.


In the mid-1960s, from the towers to which visitors were transported by a special elevator, a beautiful view of Flushing Meadows Corona Park was opened, today Astro-View is abandoned. You will not be able to climb the roof, and everything around is overgrown, nevertheless, it is worth looking at these works of futuristic art of the last century.


Key Workshop


Phil Mortirallo  is a New York locksmith, who has been making keys for more than 40 years. Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of keys. In this workshop they are everywhere: in pictures, stands, even furniture is made of keys. But the most surprising is the facade of the building, decorated with a multitude of keys.


Greenwich Workshop is, perhaps, the only in the world locksmith, in which it is more interesting than in some museums. And in many respects it is the merit of the owner - Phil was offered to sell this small house in Manhattan for $1 million, but for him it is a matter of the whole life that he would like to pass on to the children.

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