How Speed Dating Works

How Speed Dating Works

     Speed dating usually begins with advance registration to a event (some allow for on-site registration).  The advanced registration is to collect fees necessary to sponsor the event, and ensure an even ratio of male and female participants for speed dating events.  The events are themed to accommodate interests, but generally follow the same format.  At a bar or lounge, numbered tables or couches for two are arranged to ensure the maximum amount of space and privacy according to the number of attendees and the size of the venue.  One party remains seated (usually the women in straight dating events), and the other participants move from table to table at timed intervals.  The timed intervals are to allow equal time and opportunity for all participants to make a connection, and alleviate uncomfortable situations where a participant has decided the person across the table isn't a match, but is unable to excuse him or herself from the situation.  At the end of the intervals (usually 5-8 minutes), the host or hostess will signal participants to move to the next table. Before event, each participant was given a card containing the names of all the other potential matches, which are used to indicate the person you would like to see again, and if the same individual(s) indicate that they would also like to see you again, then you are match.  Participants are notified after the event and given the opportunity to contact their matches.

   Participants shoulds never feel pressured to accommodate the potential matches, and curators of these events are responsible for creating safe environment for attendees to interact.  There is also no obligation to disclose you intentions to a potential match during an interval, as the main purpose the ballot system is intended to alleviate the discomfort of face-to-face rejection.  Drinks are served at most events, but participants are discouraged from getting intoxicated to the point where their behavior becomes unruly, as is covered in the tips section.


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