Indian-American Dating

Indian-American Dating

   Indian-Americans, not to be confused with American Indians or Native Americans, are often classified with Asians because of India's proximity to China, but the two cultures differ in terms of dating practices and tendencies enough that a distinction should be made.  Familial similarities and pressures aside, there is an emerging divide between the previous generation on Indian Americans (those born in India) and the current generation born in America.  Specifically, the perceived freedoms of western culture in conflict with the pre-arranged courtship of historical tradition.  Today, the romantic overtures and "man-meets-woman" of Bollywood have mingled with the age-old practicality, and while young Indian-Americans integrated into Western culture, statistics below show they remain cognizant of the own culture when it comes time to settle down.

   In terms of dating, and subsequently, marriage, 92.9% of Indian-American women marry Indian or American Indian men, while the next highest is the 4.7% who marry white men.  This is the highest percentage among Asian or Indian women.  Indian-Americans men are similar, with 92.5% of them marrying within their race, and 4.2% marrying white women.  This is second only to Vietnamese men (92.6%) in terms of marrying within one's race.  In contrast to their neighbors in China, more likely to date their own.  While there is perhaps some change with the westernization of Indian-American youths in terms of a desire date younger, and perhaps to see more people before marriage, there is still strong reverence to ethnic familiarity among Indian-American romantics.  


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