Speed Dating Conversation Starters

Speed Dating Conversation Starters

Speed dating can be a really great way to meet 5 to 20 people in one night, even in an hour. You can blaze through randoms quickly, while figuring out if you share the spark with any of them.  It's easy, harmless and can ultimately end with a date or two.

But what do you talk about when your conversation is limited to a just a few minutes? How do you figure out if you truly have anything in common?

Of course you want to ask the basics, what is your name and what do you do, but that doesn't give you a lot of insight into who they are. Think about using one of these topics to jump start a conversation and see if you and your speed dating mate could really be a match.

Craziest Travel Story:
We all have fun travel stories, whether they involved backpacking across Asia or getting attacked by a squirrel on a camping trip. Asking this question will help you 'break the ice' because it's much easier to tell a story rather than answering straight forward questions. You'll be able to see how animated your "date" is and gauge their level of adventurousness. You should definitely ask this question if travel and spontaneity are important to you.

Favorite Concert and Why:
Everyone attends concerts even if they aren't obsessed with music or play an instrument, so this is an easy question to ask.  It also gives you insight into who their favorite band is and what kind of person they are.  Have them tell you which was the best concert and which was surprisingly the worst and why.

Last Big Purchase in Your Life:
Some may find this question a little invasive, but you can also learn a lot about someone. Maybe their last big purchase was a vacation, a computer or a car. There's easily a story that goes along with any of those purchases. Ask them what the purchase was and why they made it. This will teach you about what they consider important (clothes, travel, electronics...etc.) and how they spend their money.

Most Embarrassing Dating Story:
Speed dating can be a little intimidating and nerve racking, lighten the scene by asking your "date" about their most embarrassing dating story. Everyone did something stupid in high school or college that's a little cringe worthy. Offer up your story first if they seem a little hesitant, but be sure to avoid any stories that involve sex.

Favorite Hobby and Why:
Asking this question is a good way to gauge whether someone is interesting and/or has their own life.  Most people are looking for someone who is active and has interests that go beyond watching tv, so get them to dish on one of their hobbies.  You can also ask how they got involved in their hobby and what it is they like so much about it.

You should always avoid talking about topics that can stir up controversy or topics that are very private, such as:

Religion--only bring this up if you are only looking for a mate who practices a specific religion.

Politics--no exception, it's just a bad idea, even if you both end up being apart of the same party.

Sex--It doesn't matter if you're asking how many partners, their feelings on using toys, or when they lost their virginity, it's all too much for a 5 minute conversation and will put the other person off.

Money--don't talk about how much you make or ask what they make. Money can make people feel funny and comfortable.

Exes--You're all speed dating for a reason, but that doesn't mean you need to air those reasons out.  Leave the ex talk for further down the road. The embarrassing dating story above is different than talking about your ex. It's more about talking about a random event that happened in your life, not saying how a certain person broke your heart and made you bitter.

What are some of your favorite questions to ask when you're speed dating?

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