What is Speed Dating

What is Speed Dating

Speed Dating is straightforward, really. You say hello to a series of new people and figure out who you like enough to see again. This, without the awkwardness of striking a conversation with a total stranger or getting stuck in a conversation you wish would end ten seconds after it started.

Speed Dating offers you an efficient, effective, and enjoyable way to meet other singles. Even better, all it would take is one night - one night - for you to go on a series of short dates - ten, twelve, twenty, even up to forty - depending on your stamina and the event you pick.

How does it work?

You meet at a lounge bar filled with tables and couches for two. You sit at a numbered table with your first partner. Then, the host rings a bell to signal the start of your first date. Three minutes later, the bell rings again to signal that you have to move on to your next partner. While you rotate partners, you indicate on your form which person you would like to see again. If said person has the same thing in mind as you, it's what we call a "match".

See how easy we make dating for you?

No more long-winded introductions. No more painful conversations. No elaborate set-ups, no dinners that take forever to finish. When you speed date, you take one look at your prospects, see how you click within the first three minutes, move on to the next person, and get on with your life.

To make speed dating even more simple and straightforward for you, any time after an event, you can visit our website and enter your selections. You can get your match information, including the e-mail address of anyone you've successfully speed dated with.

So, why speed date?

Because, really, when you get down to the nitty-gritty, some of the most important things in life - good conversation, good friends, fun times - should never have to be difficult.

Dating and relationships are complicated enough; speed dating makes it easy!

Streamline. Simplify.

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