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Title:  You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Worst Date Ever
Author:   FitMiss |  Location: NEW JERSEY
Date: 03/27/2012
I can write a book about worst dates, but here's one. I met this guy online. We talked a few times; he seemed down-to-earth etc. etc. So after a few phone conversations, we agreed to meet. We met for a light meal and drinks. Things were going well and the place had a little after party going on, so we decided to check it out. This was around winter, so we needed to head to the coat check. With coat, and purse (phone laying on top open in bag) in hand, I asked him to hold my purse while I put the coat on the hanger. I blinked and this dude was out with my bag!!! Luckily he returned but had this dazed looked in his eyes. This guy went to the rest room and went through my phone. He had the nerve to ask me about every male contact in my phone. Umm, can you say crazy. So, I never even got into the club when this dude starts going off. So, I go back to coat check and get my coat to leave. It's gets better, he leaves too. He starts talking irrational. We belong together. We have so much in common. I don't date cause I know what I want and you should  just be my girl. Because I already know he's insane, I ignore him and keep it moving. Wrong move, this guy starts shouting in the middle of the street, "That's why you're single. You're too controlling." Oh it gets better. He is now following me saying this all the way down the block. Finally, I reach my car, jump inside, lock the door and proceed to leave. Everybody, he is still shouting. It's now raining/pouring even. And he shouts, I live in Queens. I can't get a cab from here. You should let me come with you because it's easier to get a train in the morning. Um, there's no logic in that. So with a quick maneuver on the wheel, I pulled off and let Mr. Crazy in the Rain man behind. He called me that night 6 times to apologize, then it became threatening. I blocked him. Called the online site to report him to avoid this happening to any other female. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up. That was the worst ever!

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