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Title:  How To Snag A Sailor During Fleet Week In NYC
Author:   amguesa21 |  Location: NEW YORK
Date: 05/11/2017
Made famous by Carrie Bradshaw, each year thousands of single sailors descend upon Manhattan for a week of freedom, booze and patriotic debauchery. Now in it's 29th year, Fleet Week is the city's time-honored celebration of the sea services (Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsman).  Want to land your own military man in gleaming Tide-white armor? First and foremost save the date: Fleet Week 2017 is happening Wednesday, May 24th through Tuesday, May 30th. 

Sailors tend to be young, super fit, well-mannered, neat and most importantly shipping off in a few days. This is NOT likely going to be a long-term relationship, unless you end up doing a long-distance thing. It's going to be a fling and there's nothing wrong with that. Recognize this and own it.

Here are my Top 5 Tips on how to meet a sailor this Fleet Week. 

1. Location, location, location. Pier 86 tends to be "Sailor Central" and is where the Intrepid Sea and R/V Neil Armstrong ships will be docked. You'll want to stick to the Midtown area in general as that's where the majority of seamen will be. 

2. Check out a Fleet Week Singles Party. We're hosting one Saturday, May 27th 8pm to midnight at Hudson Station (440 9th avenue). Servicemen and women in uniform drink free for the first hour. That, plus knowing that's where the women will be will hopefully have them coming out in droves. There will be icebreakers, complimentary appetizers, music, dancing and if you're lucky...For the official schedule of Fleet Week events you may want to pop into click here. 

3. Show a little skin. These men have been on a ship for God only knows how long. Trust me when I say they'll be looking for love. Short skirts and dresses, cleavage bearing and/or low cut tops and heels will definitely do the trick. Event kitchy, flirty tops with writing i.e. "My Boyfriends Out Of Town," "Non-Practicing Virgin," etc. will definitely garner warranted attention.

4. Buy him a drink. Forget chivalry and waiting for the guy to make the first move. When all else fails offer to buy a guy a drink. Seriously, it's not like they don't deserve it serving our country and all. The gesture will be a welcomed surprise and give you your "in" for a conversation that will hopefully lead to more. 

5. The "Bend and Snap." Made famous by Elle Woods of Legally Blonde fame I'm telling you this actually works. I've done it countless times. I'll drop by purse on the ground by a guy I like. Sailors in particular are super well-mannered I guarantee he'll pick it up for you, you'll share a laugh and he'll probably even offer to buy you a drink for your troubles!

Bonus Tip
Give him your digits without trying. I developed this technique and it's never failed. Simply walk up distressed/frantic and say that you can't find your cell phone and ask the guy you're attracted to if he could please call your phone so that you can hopefully find it in your purse. You give him your digits, he types them in calls you and BOOM you both have each other's numbers. If he's interested he'll definitely call or text.



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