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Title:  The Top 8 Spots/Ways To Meet A Significant Other
Author:   jcabrera1981 |  Location: TEXAS
Date: 03/27/2017
1. Volunteering at your local animal shelter or food kitchen: It's a great way to meet "good" people passionate about helping others and I know of at least 3 couples that have met this way in the past. Even if you don't meet "the one" at least you didn't waste time and it was for a good cause.

2. Intramural sports teams: There are so many organizations out there for recreational team sports. Get on a co-ed team. Doesn't matter if you're good at the sport or not. After the games the teams usually head out to the local watering hole and socialize. This is a great way to meet a significant other. I know of several relationships that started this way. My now girlfriend took it to the extreme and played on an all men's volleyball team with Urban Volleyball to increase the odds of meeting someone. Glad that didn't end up working out. 

3. Lyft Ridesharing: If you're single, why not share your ride versus take your own taxi or car service? You'll save money and maybe hit it off with the guy/gal you're sharing the ride with. Win-win.

4. Coffee Shops/We Work: These are both great spots to potentially meet someone. If you're a regular at either of these places it will create a sense of familiarity amongst other regulars and make it more likely someone will engage you in conversation. This is a great spot to meet fellow single entrepreneurs. When the offer to buy you a coffee you've got yourself and instant date.

5. Speed Dating / Singles Parties: These are better than bars because you know everyone in attendance is looking to meet someone if not only for the night. There are fun icebreakers and activities that help facilitate conversation. These are better than dating apps as you get to check out the "merchandise" in real time and in person. We have hundreds of singles that find their significant other through our singles events. While they may not always end up meeting "the one," they will sometimes meet a wingwoman or wingman that will end up introducing them to their future partner. And with OnSpeedDating's "themed" events...Fireman Parties, Size Matter's Speed Dating for women that like tall men, "Have Passport, Will Travel," there is something for everyone and you're more likely to hit it off with the singles in attendance if you go to an event that caters to your preferences.

6. Quiet Clubbing: These silent disco parties are a great place to meet new people and socialize. While not everyone in attendance is single, you never know who you'll meet. Unlike the club scene there is not blaring music so you can actually have a conversation without screaming at the top of your lungs. Based on what color the LED lights of someone's headset are you can tell if they have similar music tastes and quickly strike up a conversation. 

7. The Park: I know a woman who met her now husband of five years by just laying out a blanket out at Sheep's Meadow in Central Park and putting out a nice spread of food. She was super friendly and approachable looking. When a cute guy would walk buy she'd ask them if they wanted to join her for a quick nosh. Definitely paid off. 

8. Karaoke: I know a few couples who have met doing karaoke at The Watering Hole. This is a great way to meet a significant other. Simply pick a great duet song and approach any individuals you're interested in to sing the male/female part. When you sing together you'll get a sense if you have chemistry and if they like you, you guys will definitely be together for more than just one song.




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