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Title:  Why Speed Dating Is The Way To Go
Author:   jcabrera1981 |  Location: TEXAS
Date: 06/10/2017
Speed dating is a great way to meet people. I've tried speed dating in Austin and I've also done speed dating in NYC. I MUCH prefer speed dating to online dating for several reasons. With online dating there is all of this back and forth correspondance that has to take place before you even meet. I'm an efficient person and don't like to waste time. Quite often you'll meet the person you're corresponding with and realize you have absolutely no chemistry with them. Not to mention all of the people who are not honest in their dating profiles. Be it photos from 10 years ago, lying about their age, weight, height or anything in between. 

What is so great about speed dating is that you get to meet 10-20 singles in one night over 3 minute dates. You don't have much time on a speed date but you do have enough time to assess if there is enough chemistry to want to go on a full blown date. It's a really non-pressure way to date and also very efficient.

Speeddating is also a better route for meeting someone than trying to pick up women at a bar. At the bar you never know who is actually single and looking to meet someone and you also have to be very assertive and confident and okay with approaching women. Which isn't for everyone. With speed dating the hosts do everything for you. 

You can meet more people speed dating in one night than some people meet with a year of online dating. Not to mention it really works. I ended up meeting my fiancee through a speed dating event. We've been together for almost six years now. And it's not just me, I've heard about several friends and family members who had success through speed dating events. 

If you haven't tried speed dating and are seriously looking to meet someone for a serious relationship or just new people in general I seriously suggest you try it. Speed dating is affordable, efficient, effective and fun. Make sure you read reviews on the companies you are looking to speed date with because some are better than others. You want to sign up with a speed dating company that guarantees a minimum number of dates and I think dating companies like OnSpeedDating are good b/c they offer really "niche" singles events that give the opportunity to try to meet the types of singles you are interested in meeting.

Totally agree with yoi





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