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Title:  Why You're More Likely To Find A Serious Relationship Around Valentines Day
Author:   amguesa21 |  Location: NEW YORK
Date: 01/31/2017
It's a fact...The months of January and February result in more long-term relationships than any other month combined. We surveyed 500 single members on our website and learned that 68% were more likely to consider/enter a serious relationship during the beginning of the year. Why? It's due to the state-of-mind that singles are in. It's true, a big factor in a relationship working is timing. January is all about resolutions and new beginnings and one of the top New Years resolutions out there is to find a romantic relationship.

Valentines Day is all the rage in February for couples and singles alike and again leads to much self-evaluation. Many singles give themselves the deadline of Valentines Day to find a date that will hopefully turn into a lasting-relationship. 

While I'm against putting pressure on finding a relationship, I say make sure to get out there for any Valentines Day Singles Events taking place in your city so as to take advantage of the large turn-out (you'll see a lot of new faces) and the relationship state-of-mind that the majority of singles in attendance will be in. 

In NYC we have a few great Valentines Day Singles events coming up. On Saturday, February 11th we're hosting our annual Pre Valentines Day Singles Mixer benefitting the single cats and dogs of Bideawee animal rescue at Hudson Station. This is a great opportunity to put yourself out there on a large-scale (300+ singles are expected to attend) and line yourself up a date for Valentines Day.

On Saturday, February 11th in Austin we're also hosting a Valentines Day Speed Dating Marathon you won't want to miss.

On Tuesday, February 14th (actual Valentines Day) we're hosting a Valentines Day Speed Dating Marathon at M1-5 Lounge where participants will get to date up to 24 singles 24-45 in one evening.

Here are a couple of tips for maximizing your time out at a singles events this Valentines Day:

1. Keep an open mind. Don't cut yourself off to possibilities. Even if you don't find someone attractive or think they are your type you should still be willing to engage in a conversation with them. Who knows maybe they have a friend, co-worker or sibling that would be perfect for you. 

2. Stay off your cell phone. There's nothing more off-putting or that screams unapproachable when someone is at a social event and constantly engaged with their cell phone. 

3. Talk to women and men. You may not meet your "match" at this event but by speaking with the same gender maybe you'll find an amazing new wingwoman/wingman.

4. Participate in icebreakers. These are designed to facilitate introductions. Some may be cheesy but just play along and see who you end up meeting. Quite often just for participating you'll be eligible to win a prize or free event.

5. Don't put pressure on yourself to meet "the one." Instead try to just focus on meeting new people and having fun.


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