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Tue To Be Announced
  • The Watering Hole @7:30
  • Price: $25.00
  • Ages:25-45

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106 East 19th Street NY, NEW YORK 10003

Dates for "Karaoke Lovers"

Karaoke Lovers Night
Are you super into karaoke? I.e. you "do" or have done the NYC "circuit" & have your whole personal repertoire of songs you perform on the reg? Kind of sucks when the person you're dating is not down for karaoke in any shape or form. Needing a couple of drinks to get into the groove is totally acceptable, but refusing to participate can be a definite "date downer" & overall relationship "deal breaker". Meet 10-25 karaoke crooners over drink specials...then comes the oral portion of the test, because if someone really SUCKS at karaoke it still may not work out. "Seal the deal" with your standing ovation solos & if you're really feelin' another dater be bold & ask for the duet.

The Watering Hole Images:

The Watering Hole
The Watering Hole
The Watering Hole
The Watering Hole

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Starts: 12/31/2030 at 7:30PM
Ends: 12/31/2030
Price: $25.00

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