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Tue To Be Announced
  • M1-5 Lounge @7:30
  • Price: $35.00
  • Ages:25-42

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52 Walker Street NY, NEW YORK 10013

"Curls Gone Wild" Dating

"Curls Gone Wild" speed dating sponsored by NaturallyCurly.Com
Finally speed dating with a "twist". For wild, romantic, free-spirited curly haired women and the men who LOVE them.

Kerri Russell, Debra Messing, Lisa Bonet, Bernadette Peters and Anne Lynn McCord have all helped fuel men's love and appreciation of curly girls. Whether kinky, tightly wound or loose, the girls with the curls will be the "mane" attraction at our speed dating event where you'll meet 10-15 in one night.

M1-5 Lounge Images:

M1-5 Lounge
M1-5 Lounge
M1-5 Lounge
M1-5 Lounge

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Starts: 12/31/2030 at 7:30PM
Ends: 12/31/2030
Price: $35.00

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